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Dwts burlesque
Genre: Ballroom dance
Time of origin: 1860s
Country of origin: United States

Burlesque is a style of dance performed in Dancing with the Stars.

It was introduced to the program in Season 19.


Burlesque in the United States is believed to have begun in New York during the 1860s with the formation of the burlesque troupe the British Blondes. During this time, feminists were politically active in the fight for abolition and suffrage, and women were using more publicly available spaces for all different types of performances and demonstrations. The group established burlesque as a mostly female dominated performance as well as the performances including a strip tease and a narrative. As time went on, burlesque acts also started to include dancing, singing, witty jokes, and political commentary. In the nineteenth century, burlesque allowed the performers to have more freedom when it came to planning their performance, so some burlesque performers made no attempt to have a logically flowing narrative. Starting in 1869, the popularity of burlesque was rapidly increasing and between 1870 and 1940, every state in America was visited by burlesque troupes.

While Vaudeville groups were still touring, it was common for the troupe to have a burlesque show as one of the acts. In Vaudeville shows, there were different acts, including burlesque, that traveled together to put on a performance for live audiences. During the 1920s and 1930s, the popularity of Vaudeville troupes dwindled because towns were building movie theaters, but burlesque performers remained active.

After Vaudeville ended, burlesque performances evolved into refined strip shows were the performers would wear glamorous gowns, gloves, and hats. During the early twentieth century, burlesque shows took place in clubs that were located in larger cities since the popularity of movie theaters was rising.