Edyta Śliwińska
Edyta Sliwinska 22
Dancer Profile
Birth Date May 6, 1981 (1981-05-06) (age 37)
Hometown Warsaw, Poland

Partner(s) 1: Evander Holyfield (5th)
2: George Hamilton (5th)
3: Joey Lawrence (3rd)
4: John Ratzenberger (6th)
5: Cameron Mathison (5th)
6: Jason Taylor (2nd)
7: Jeffrey Ross (13th)
8: Lawrence Taylor (7th)
9: Ashley Hamilton (16th)
10: Aiden Turner (9th)
22: Geraldo Rivera (12th)

Edyta Śliwińska is a professional dancer on Dancing with the Stars.


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Professional dancer Edyta Sliwinska was born in Warsaw, Poland, and started dancing when she was 10 years old. She became a successful ballroom dancer in Poland and achieved a world-class status representing her country in international competitions all over the world. In addition to that she appeared in several Polish TV commercials and magazine ads. Sliwinska moved to America in 2000 to pursue her dance career. She met her husband, Alec Mazo, at a ballroom dance competition in Blackpool, England, and that launched a successful partnership on and off of the dance floor. They were four time US finalists and represented the USA at many international championships.

In the summer of 2005, Sliwinska appeared on the first season of “Dancing with the Stars,” which became one of the most popular shows on television. She is known for being the only female professional dancer to appear on the first 10 seasons of the show and was the poster girl for the show, appearing as the glamorous headliner in most of its advertising during the first 10 cycles. Season 22 welcomes Sliwinska back since last appearing on season 10, and she is currently partnered with Geraldo Rivera. Her previous partners include Evander Holyfield, George Hamilton, Ashley Hamilton, Aiden Turner, Joey Lawrence, John Ratzenberger, Cameron Mathison, Jason Taylor, Jeffrey Ross and Lawrence Taylor. She performed on the first four “Dancing with the Stars” arena tours and modeled for the DWTS book, DWTS video games, Fitness Videos and Board Games. She was often featured on “Dr. Phil,” “Extra,” “Entertainment Tonight,” “The Insider,” “TMZ,” “Good Morning America” and “Ellen.” Most recently, Sliwinska headlined a multi-leg 70-city tour of Dancing Pros Live and produced multiple live stage shows for theaters and casinos.

In addition, Sliwinska has guest starred on the CBS hit series “CSI: NY.” She choreographs all her performances and is known for her teaching skills; helping her celebrity partners always achieve their best. She and her partner/husband Alec produced an instructional DVD, “Dancing Like the Pros,” and a fitness DVD, “Fitness with the Pros.” For Sliwinska, dancing is a great passion and a way to express herself. She currently lives in Los Angeles with her husband and their two year old son, Michael.

Dancing with the Stars 1Edit

Edyta was partnered with Evander Holyfield. Placed 5th.


Dancing with the Stars 2Edit

Edyta was partnered with George Hamilton. Placed 5th.


Dancing with the Stars 3Edit

Edyta was partnered with Joey Lawrence. Placed 3rd.


Dancing with the Stars 4Edit

Edyta was partnered with John Ratzenberger. Placed 6th.


Dancing with the Stars 5Edit

Edyta was partnered with Cameron Mathison. Placed 5th.


Dancing with the Stars 6Edit

Edyta was partnered with Jason Taylor. Placed 2nd.


Dancing with the Stars 7Edit

Edyta was partnered with Jeffrey Ross. Placed 13th.


Dancing with the Stars 8Edit

Edyta was partnered with Lawrence Taylor. Placed 7th.


Dancing with the Stars 9Edit

Edyta was partnered with Ashley Hamilton. Placed 16th.


Dancing with the Stars 10Edit

Edyta was partnered with Aiden Turner. Placed 9th.


Dancing with the Stars 22Edit

Edyta was partnered with Geraldo Rivera. Placed 12th.



  • In Season 7, Edyta partnered with Cody Linley for two weeks while Julianne Hough recovered from surgery.
  • Edyta returns for season 22 after an 11 season hiatus.
  • She and Alec welcomed a daughter, Leia Josephine Mazo, on June 18, 2017.