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Zendaya and Val S16 Week 9 Hip-Hop 2
Genre: Street dance
Time of origin: 1970s
Country of origin: South Bronx, New York

Hip-hop is a dance performed on Dancing with the Stars.

A street dance made popular in the 1970s, the hip-hop includes several elements from styles such as break dancing and pop and lock. The dance is an aspect of the hip-hop subculture, which originated in Morris Heights, Bronx, and later spread its influence to Latin American communities.

Performances on the Show[]

  • In Season 7, all contestants performed an old school hip-hop group dance. No scores were awarded.
  • In Season 15, hip-hop was one of the choices in Opponents' Choice week. Melissa and Tony picked this style of dance for Apolo and Karina which received a score of 34.5/40 (Paula Abdul guest-judged)
  • This style has been used as a Freestyle by a few finalists, such as Kristi and Mark in Season 6, and Apolo and Julianne in Season 4. Both couples received a perfect score of 30 on their freestyle and won their seasons.
  • In Season 16, hip-hop was a Twitter-chosen dance for Zendaya and Val. They are the first couple to receive a perfect score of 30 dancing strictly hip-hop.