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Julian Tocker
Julian Tocker
Performer Profile
Birth Date 14 December 1988 (1988-12-14) (age 35)
Hometown New Zealand

Appearance(s) 16

Julian "Julz" Tocker is a popular dancer from New Zealand.

He was a member of the troupe in Dancing with the Stars in season sixteen.


Twenty years ago, a young Julz Tocker was on track to be one of Wellington's next big rugby stars. His father was a rugby player turned international coach and president of the Wellington Rugby Union. His older brother was the toast of St Patrick's College First XV and would go on to become a commentator. "My whole family were very committed to rugby," he remembers. "I played rugby, basketball and athletics. I ran. I was always out there doing something, you know?"

That all changed around age twelve, when Tocker saw a couple dancing on television and found his footing in the school theatre production. His mum enrolled him in a local dance class, but refrained from telling his father, who was coaching in Japan at the time.[1]

Julian's first partnership was with Brittney Marshall for New Zealand (Aotearoa) as Youth. This partnership ended in 2004.

Over the next decade, Tocker took his dancing to the world via Los Angeles, starring in the Dirty Dancing musical twice in the role of Johnny Castle, appearing several times on Dancing with the Stars in America before touring the show, and landing a gig working behind the scenes on the movie La La Land. He is currently a judge in Dancing with the Stars NZ.