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Tripp Johnston
Celebrity Profile
Birth Date 27 December 2008 (2008-12-27) (age 15)
Known For Bristol Palin's son

Dancing with the Stars: Juniors

Partner(s) Hailey Bills
Jenna Johnson
Placement 11 / 12
Highest Score 17
Lowest Score 17
Average Score 17

Tripp Easton Mitchell Johnston-Palin is a celebrity from the Juniors season of Dancing with the Stars.


Originally retrieved from abc.com
Tripp Palin Johnston loves traveling between Alaska and Texas, where he's embraced by a large, active family, including his mother, former Dancing with the Stars contestant Bristol Palin, and grandmother Sarah Palin. He is an all-outdoors-all-the-time all-American boy. He loves fishing, four-wheeling, snow machines, dirt bikes, football, soccer ... "his little sisters and God," Tripp reports!

Dancing with the Stars: Juniors[]

He was partnered with Hailey Bills. They placed 11th / 12th.


Week # Dance/Song Judges' Scores Result
Moore Chmerkovskiy Rippon
1 Foxtrot / "Mama Said" 5 6 6 Eliminated