West Coast Swing
Genre: Swing dance
Time of origin: 1960's
Country of origin: West Coast, United States

The West Coast Swing is a dance performed on Dancing with the Stars.

The West Coast Swing is a Swing dance with roots in Lindy Hop. It is focused on improvisation and musical interpretation and is an extremely versatile style of dance.

The West Coast Swing was only performed once on Dancing with the Stars in Season 7.


  • Only two couples performed this style of dance: Lance Bass and Lacey Schwimmer, and Toni Braxton and Alec Mazo.
  • As the only Swing dancer in the professional cast, Lacey Schwimmer is the only pro dancer on the show who is familiar with this style. She (along with her brother Benji) is a world champion of West Coast Swing.
  • Ever since its introduction in season 7, this dance has not made a second appearance on the show, and it is unknown if it will ever be brought back.